what friends are for.

Bec & Bridge shirt (borrowed) | Alice McCall shorts | Steve Madden heels | Marc Jacobs bag | Dorothy Perkins blazer

When your best friend is the same clothes size, shoe size, loves the same labels and has the same style, you know you've found the perfect match. Debra and I can conquer our wish lists twice as efficiently... but we do encourage each other's shopping addictions much to the disapproval of our boyfriends and mums. Our dream is to one day live in an apartment New York and have adjoining wardrobes so we can meet in the middle and share our pieces. 

I wore this last week to the Blogger Christmas Party hosted by the lovely girls from Breakfast with Audrey and Rochelle Fox. Needing something to wear with my new Alice McCall shorts with the awesome gold detailing (although intended for multiple summer wear, the weather has not really been up to standard so I was determined to bring it out for the ocassion), Debra came to my rescue. I have a weakness for button up sleeveless shirts and with a necktie it's even better, so of course I chose to borrow this one (I also wanted to wear it from the moment I she had bought it). 

I took a leaf out of Rachel Bilson/ Dr. Zoe Hart's book (watch Hart of Dixie if you don't know what I'm talking about) and paired shorts with pumps. Turns out it doesn't just work wonders on Rachel - I can't believe how much taller it makes me look. Too bad I can't stand to wear heels for more than an hour. 


  1. Love the shorts! <3


  2. Ah you look gorgeous, I love love love those shorts :)

    -LAURA xx

  3. I love that blouse so much! You look great

  4. You look so amazing, I love these shorts. I have watched the first couple of episodes of Hart of Dixie, I am really liking it so far. Hope you had a good Christmas :)

    Grace x

  5. lovely outfit!x


  6. Love your outfit Melissa. The shorts look great with the pumps.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  7. i can think of a certain skirt that i can't wait to borrow ;)

  8. Cute look! Those shorts of yours are great :> Haven't seen anything like them anywhere else yet :o

    Have a happy New Year's Eve ( tomorrow )!

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  9. Those shorts are all kinds of awesomness! haha And I like the finishing touch with the necktie. Wish I had been invited to the Christmas Party too. :( boo hoo

    Happy New Year! :)