nailin' it.

A little while ago I confessed my nail biting addiction and now I'm back with a new plan of attack. Believe me, I've tried the terrible tasting nail polish, glue on nails and even good old fashion will power - but it's hard to stop a serial biter especially since I've been biting from young (not something to be proud of).

On Sunday I took the plunge and impulsively got acrylic nails after a quick survey from all the girls at work who said 'I only live once' and 'Nails are nails, they will grow back' (and even a guy who had to get acrylics on one hand because he split his nail days before his classic guitar performance). Unfortunately the girls who would have warned me against it were away that day and now I'm being told stories of brittle, damaged nails post-acrylics and the long road to recovering healthy, strong ones (lots of Dr. Lewins and Sally Hansen I hear). 

I clearly forgot to do my research because little did I know, the process of applying false nails at the salon is really unsettling. They filed my nails down and pushed my cuticles back using this electric filer/ buffer thing (it's as weird as it sounds). I was scared I'd have no nail left by the end of it. They did this a couple times, trying to shape the nail to make it look as natural as possible (which they definitely did a good job of - I'll give them credit). I just wish my best friend was there to let me know what was happening next. I flinched every time the nail technician turned on the electric filer. I almost cried about 10 minutes in when I was watching them ruin my nails (even more than I already had).

Here are my two cents on acrylic nails. Pros: They look darn good. They last long. I've never had such longer nails in my life. I can tap my nails on the table when I'm impatient. They can't come off. Cons: Actually applying the nails was quite a traumatic experience. I can't do things I would normally do without nails in fear of breaking them. Removing them sounds painful. Having to deal with weak nails after removal. (Sounds totally unappealing to you now).

My theory is that if I have something covering my actual nails - and there's no way I can bite those acrylics, then I'll eventually get used to not biting and stop altogether. Let's hope I can quit once and for all!


  1. Ouch! The experience sounds so painful! The acrylics look SO good, I thought they were completely natural!

    Best of luck to you! I used to be a nailbiter also, but self-stick fake nails helped me stop gnawing on them. :)

    chloe **

  2. I once had them done for my year 10 formal, it was ridiculously painful!
    Not to mention that I also set my hand on fire while trying to get them off in a bowl of nail polish remover (there was a candle burning half a meter away and the flame jumped).

  3. So good to know about the Equpiment blouses Mel, I am so close to ordering one, but maybe I will think on it.

    I love how acrylics look but I'm not sure its worth how your nails feel when they are coming off! You should try shellac, the polish lasts two weeks and its really hard to bite off! :)

    G x

  4. beautiful nails! :)