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As most of you would know by now, I'm an investment shopper. I buy pieces that I know I'll be able to wear season after season - I steer clear of prints and resist the temptation to buy 'in'/ 'trend pieces, and that's why you'll find that a majority of my wardrobe is black and white and consists of tees, singlets, shirts and jeans. 

After putting it off for over a year (I knew Converse was something I could get any time) I finally bought myself a pair of low cut Converse sneakers. I'd seen its versatility snapped on the streets - the polished model off duty look finished with a pair of converse but now a proud owner, I truly understand its styling power to go with absolutely everything and dress down (or casual up) an outfit. I've had the all black hight tops for a while but I found whenever I tried to wear it with shorts, I'd look like I have no ankle and a fat thigh. But with my new babies (which have saved me from sore feet countless times at work) I've been able to pair them with everything from jeans, shorts, dresses and maxi skirts - even getting a few compliments from my guy friends who have no interest in fashion. 

This is a shoe that fits for every girl and is a good $90 investment (or $60 if you can still fit into kids sizes like me) if I've ever seen one. Considering it's been around since the 1920's (originally designed for basketball) and still going strong in the 2000's, Converse are definitely here to stay.


  1. amen! such a staple. I wore my pair (that I bought in 2007) every day in Vietnam and it's safe to say they're now well and truly due for a replacement. I really like the white low-cuts but my more practical side will probably go for a darker shade.
    merry christmas!

  2. i love my converse. i had all black low tops for a while but recently got a grey pair of high tops. they are so versatile. i'm with ya!

  3. Love cons. I have like four pairs but I never wear them because I've officially become addicted to wearing heels :P

    -LAURA xx

  4. these cons are fantastic. I have white cons, they are my favourite! Really love your blog, now following!