christmas wishlist.

Petite Grand necklace | Michael Kors watch | Cloud Nine straightener | Diptyque candle | Olympus Pen 3| Donation to World Vision | Dallas and Carlos cuff | Aesop skincare | Miu Miu wallet

When I was younger I used to love Christmas. The whole thing was just magical. Then I slowly learnt that Santa Claus wasn't real, that my mum would get up at 3 in the morning, eat the cookies and drink the milk I left out for Santa under the tree. And then I worked in retail. And now Christmas isn't so special anymore. But there is still hope. Growing up I relied on American television to provide me with an accurate portrayal of reality. So my hopes and dreams for a perfect New York Christmas with snow, hot chocolate, ice skating, Christmas parades and department store shopping are still alive and well. 

Christmas isn't a big occasion for my family. In fact my mum and I are too lazy to look for the tree in the basement that we decided not to put one up this year. We do get together with family friends on Christmas day for lunch, but there aren't really those ongoing traditions and family bonding - not to mention my parents aren't the type to spend mass amounts of money on materialistic goods.  I usually get socks, underwear and pyjamas from my parents.  My favourite part about Christmas is buying gifts. I love seeing the look on my loved ones' faces when they open up my neatly wrapped present (I love gift wrapping especially with a bow) and know it's something sentimental that they're just going to love. I think I've nailed my boyfriend's gift/s- it's going to be epic! And of course the giving season wouldn't be complete without donating to a charity. It's something I started doing with my mum when I was in high school and it's something I've continued to do over the years. 

I'm definitely hoping to get my new Olympus camera early next year (with a little  bit of help from my parents and boyfriend) before I go away but also so I can take better photos for the blog. The other things I'll accumulate myself once I earn back my Christmas spendings. So I don't expect Santa to drop a Miu Miu wallet off at the Ong residence, but hey, maybe there's another generous Santa out there... kidding!


  1. Thanks so much for your comment honey. I really love your blog, you're gorgeous!! And I love every single thing on your wishlist, can't get enough of Aesop

  2. definitely adding that miu miu wallet to my wishlist as well!

  3. You know what I love most about this post? That your mum got up to 'drink the cookies and eat the milk'. hehe


  4. Hello! It's so cool to stumble across your blog! I shoot everything for mine on an Olympus pen series camera and I think it's fantastic - I really hope Santa comes through for you!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  5. Oh your wishlist is fun:) It feels luxurious but purposeful at the same time.

    As a New Yorker I must say Christmas in NY is magical. The city looks so pretty this time of year.

  6. oh my.. that cuff!

    want want want!

  7. I can't help but get in the Christmas spirit, it really is such a great thing to help you get through the winter blues. I really love your list, especially the candle and camera!