the baron.

No flourished & sunkissed isn't becoming a food blog. But I couldn't resist doing a post on my newly proclaimed hangout. Ever since I saw this cafe under construction I anticipated its opening. Sure we have plenty of cafes within and around the centre, but this one has a totally different vibe - it's intimate, homely and a little rustic, the kind of place you'd expect to see in Newtown or Surry Hills (which is probably why it's so appealing). A mere two days young, the Baron, also known to my work mates as the 'hipster cafe', is a coffee shop and small bar serving home cooked style hearty breakfasts and sandwiches. At present it's open from 7am until the afternoon, and once fully up and running will be open later into the evening.  

I dragged Jack there for breakfast this morning for the second time (Monday was the first time and we were turned away because they weren't ready to open). I ordered my usual skim mocha (I'm told it was made with Belgium chocolate and only cost me something like $4) that accidentally came out as a macchiato. The barista quickly resolved it and gave me a peppermint slice to apologise for the mix up - that was too nice of them! I ordered a bacon and egg roll with the most amazing homemade tomato relish and before it was devoured, we were told where all the ingredients came from - nothing but the best quality local produce. The guys who work there were super friendly and had amazing customer service. $15 well spent. 

If you're ever in my neck of the woods (Nicole and Mad I'm looking at you), be sure to check them out. It's definitely the place to be.

Shop 461, Castle Towers. 6 - 14 Castle St, Castle Hill.


  1. Oh my goodness yes! I've been waiting for a non-franchise, non-hills districty cafe in the Hills District my whole life! I like the little mix-up from the usual fashion with some food reviews on the side ;) definitely coffee in the near future, let us know when you're free!

  2. It seems like a great place... I wish I lived in Sydney!