fourth crusade.

Ever had a friend who went holidaying in Europe and returned with incredible one off jewellery that you eyed for weeks after? Well never fear, Melbourne based Diana Taranto has got you covered. After spending a year in Rome meandering cobblestone streets, Diana stumbled upon design studios with amazing, handmade jewellery and decided to bring these pieces back to Australia. She found that these hidden gems were simply not available anywhere in Australia and in most cases, anywhere in the world and knew there was a market for this style of jewellery on our shores. 

And that’s how she started Fourth Crusade in 2010, an online boutique that offers handmade, unique, avant garde jewellery. The name came from the idea that these pieces were being brought from Italy to Taranto’s home land, Australia (also a reference to the holy wars for you history buffs). I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Diana about all things accessories...

What do you love most about Italy? 
I love (almost) everything about Italy. My grandparents migrated to Melbourne from the Aeolian Islands and Ragusa in the 50's. The first aim was to go back there and seek out the original houses where they all lived and from then on, I was in love with the country. The people, the love of life, the intensity and the food. I have travelled there a number of times and think about my next trip everyday. I am always on the lookout for new pieces while there and have a number of talented friends there with their eyes out for me as well when I am back in Melbourne.

What are your top three picks from Fourth Crusade and how would you style them? 

1. Long Gold Zipper Necklace. Hand made by Paola Volpi. It's a statement piece that people literally stop me in the street when I am wearing it to ask where they can buy one as well. Surprisingly, it gets a lot of comments from men as well?! I love wearing gold with green, coral or cobalt blue. This necklace really dresses up a very casual outfit as well.

2. Leone Yellow Bronze Ring. Hand Made by Ashanti Raffaele Cinzio. An all-round winner. I love this ring as it's easy to wear, solid and an organic shaped, statement ring that again, can be worn everyday and goes with everything. The natural features of the handmade qualities really show and each of Ashanti Raffaele Cinzio's rings are signed on the inside of the band.

3. Farfalle Necklace. Designed by me! This is a brand new piece to the Fourth Crusade collection and is a little fun. Italian's love nothing more that spending time with friends around the dinner table and this Farfalle necklace has stunning detail with a small plate featuring the Italian quote "Amicizie é maccheroni, sono meglio caldi" in English, meaning "Friends and maccheroni are both best warm". I wear this a lot. The brushed silver is easy to wear and when people realise it's pasta and ask what the engraved plate says, it always get a conversation started. Good for foodies, chefs and restaurant staff too!

My most prized accessory is… 
A silver ring I bought in Greece years ago that had gold leafing set in a clear resin and sterling silver band. It gets comments all the time and inspired me to start importing really unique pieces to Australia. I am still trying to search for the original artist so I can bring them into Fourth Crusade!

My number one style tip when it comes to accessorising is... 
One statement necklace, one statement bracelet or ring and keep the rest minimal. If you want to wear big earrings, lose the necklace. No one wants to look like a walking Christmas tree.

The one summer trend I can't wait to try... 
Wearing my gold zipper necklace over a casual tee and coloured denim shorts!

Gold zipper necklace from Fourth Crusade
...with T by Alexander Wang tee, J Brand shorts, Karen Walker sunglasses, Proenza Schouler pochette, 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals.

What are you currently working on with Fourth Crusade? 
We've just launched our ASOS store which is a huge privilege to have been selected for the ASOS Marketplace. In addition to that, the Silver collection I have recently launched that I designed myself hit the site two weeks ago and given the success of it, am going to launch a new shaped pasta with another Italian pasta saying. You're the first one to know this! (It’s out now here)

What can we expect from Fourth Crusade in the future? 
More designs, different materials from wood, rubber, sterling silver and bronze and a great range of price points. Lots of beautiful pieces suitable for casual wear to special one-off pieces for special occasions and unique gifts. 

If you're in need of something special this Christmas for your mother, sister, best friend or even to spoil yourself, be sure to check out the beautiful pieces over at Fourth Crusade. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Great interview, the pieces are gorgeous too, I love the zip necklace. It's so good how she offers different styles of jewellery to people who couldn't get it in their country. xo

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    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. Great interview D!
    Congrats on your success, very inspirational.

  4. :O A zipper necklace! That's awesome.

    Thanks for sharing that with everyone :)