"I hate that impeccable, perfectly perfect look, all matched and prearranged... 
Style is to be simple" - Elsa Peretti.
L - R: Ellery armour top | Elsa Peretti round bottle pendant | Elsa Peretti diamonds by the yard bracelet | Isabel Marant jeans | Miu Miu sunglasses | TL 180 Kief fold leather clutch | Michael Kors pointed contrast court | Nars 'Cruising' sheer lipstick | Butter London 'All Hail the Queen' laquer

Every girl needs to own piece of Tiffany’s in their lifetime (that we owe to Holly Golightly), the signature blue box is instantly recognisable and you just know you’re in for a real treat. I have yet to experience this moment, but am hinting quite obviously to my boyfriend I would love nothing more than Tiffany’s jewellery for our one year in January. While Tiffany’s has some classic pieces, the Elsa Peretti collection showcases some unique, organic designs, taken from the shape of a bottle. The pendants were inspired by her trip to Portofino and after seeing beautiful women with gardenias in hand, wanted to create something that would keep the flower alive. I love the fluid shape of the bottle, especially the ones with the hand carved stoppers (pictured above). especially the ones with the hand carved stoppers (pictured above), it's so different and yet extremely simplistic in its design.

Lately I’ve really been taking note of what people are wearing. And not just the combinations, but the labels too. I think regular doses of the Coveteur might have something to do with it. The question constantly on my mind is ‘How can they afford that?’ I’ve always been told right from the start that fashion pays poorly, but it’s hard for me to believe when I see models and mag girls with Pashli satchels and Hermes cuffs. My hope is to one day pull out an Isabel Marant something from my wardrobe and not think of it as big deal. I compiled a set of pieces I would love to house to in my fashion PR manager wardrobe – finished with delicate Tiffany & Co. silver jewellery. I kept the palette neutral and made the unusual shape of the Elsa Peretti bottle my focal point against white (inspired by Carine Roitfeld's look) – but I still feel like the Isabel Marant pants and Ellery armour top make a subtle statement their own way. If you see a girl snapped in this outfit within the next 7 years, you’ll know I’ve made it.

Take a closer look at the Elsa Peretti pieces here.


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