disney cover girls.

Source: Petite Tiaras

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm a huge Disney geek. Disney princesses, Disney movies, Mickey Mouse, Disney Pixar, Disneyland/ Disneyworld, Disney Channel - you name it, I love it. I think it's because it reminds me of my childhood, of being a kid again with no worries or pressure in life, letting my imagination run wild and not being afraid to dream big. So you can imagine my excitement over seeing the Disney princesses turned cover girls and plastered on the front of popular fashion titles. Disney and fashion... everything I could ask for rolled into one.

These are my favourite princesses - you'll see my selection includes princesses of substance, common sense, and intelligence. That's why Tiana (Princess and the Frog) and  Rapunzel (Tangled) are up there - the new generation of Disney princesses are just ordinary girls and have more personality than the classic ones, which I think sends a much better message to young girls and gives them a more realistic perspective on life. Sorry Aurora but sleeping for ages and then waking up and falling in love with a prince just doesn't cut it for me. She supposedly teaches people that good things come for those who wait. That I don't believe. I love how all the cover stories have been tailored to suit each princess' story and the way they've matched up each girl's personality to the publication is quite clever - trust Pocahontas to be in Nylon! 

And for a little bit of trivia, the issue date on each cover actually corresponds to the day the movie was released.

Check out all the covers here. Which ones are your favourite? 


  1. I'm obsessed with these pictures! The Pocahontas one is my phone wallpaper....haha. Awesome post lovely, great to know another loyal Disney fan!

    ps. Disneyland in January...eeeep!