latopic & brooke daniels.

A few weeks ago I was invited to preview the A/W collection of Latopic and Brooke Daniels at the Maids quarters. I had heard a lot about Latopic in the weeks leading up to the preview so I was looking forward to seeing the collection myself. The campaign shots did not lie. Only in its second season, Latopic designer Lisa Burns showcased her versatility with some amazing designs inspired (probably not the right word to use there) by a broken relationship.  A little depressing when you think about it but it looks like we've found the perfect remedy to overcome a broken heart. The highlight had to be the moody graphic velvet print which was transformed into a skirt, shorts, blazer and oversized cape - for whatever floats your boat. Although I'm not normally a sequin girl, I have to say my favourite pieces were the sequinned (hand sewn) skater skirt and blazer.

Brooke Daniels, known best for her flattering bodycon pieces, draws from the mod era and muse, Edie Sedgewick for her latest collection featuring high necklines, peter pan collars and button up backs and a black and white palette. She also has some great knit basics (which as you know I'm always a sucker for) and some colour block bodycons if you want something with a bit more va-voom. 

I remember the weather being quite dull on the day of the showing (not sure what to expect when it comes to Sydney weather anymore) so previewing a collection that complemented the weather made me want to take the pieces right off the rack and wear them out of the showroom.


  1. Oh crap, I just realised I never blogged about this either. Did I even end up sending you the pics? I swear I'm such an airhead sometimes :P


  2. I adore the sequins as well, so so pretty. Kinda cool actually that it was inspired by a broken relationship.. Its nice how something beautiful is able to come out of even the worst of things :)

    Grace x
    secretly styled.