underneath it all.

Dress Up tank, sass & bide shorts, Dieppa Restrepo loafers, Forever 21 fedora, Ellery sunglasses.

No, not some reference to fancy undergarments under this no-fuss, low key look. The title is merely a tribute to my once-again discovered love for front woman, designer and mother extraordinaire (with the six pack), Gwen Stefani. After creating a party playlist a few weeks back with plenty of late 90's and early 00's nostalgia, tracks like Underneath It All, Hey Baby, Hella Good and Let Me Blow Ya Mind have been on repeat. 

The best part about this look is that is was taken by the BFF who has had minimal experience behind the camera (last time we tried this was just over a year ago when neither of us had any photography knowledge which consequently made all our photos overexposed and beyond editing-repairable). Perhaps it's her ability to "make her subject feel comfortable" (exhibit A: first image) or her extensive knowledge of blogs and editorials, whatever it is, I'm proud of her first work of art. Expect more from DNav - I'm training her up so that she'll be taking masterpieces by the time we get to Bali in February that may even end up winning the Pedestrian.tv Photography awards in 2013. We can only hope.

Photos by Debra Navaratnam


  1. You are looking like a summer perfection hello!! :) Your BFF did well - these images are so beautiful, soft-toned, and lighting is soooo well done! Fab fab fab!


  2. Love thisssss!! Desperately want a hat like that..

  3. love this outfit, so cool and breezy! that hat is awesome x

  4. Adore.your outfit! The hat and shoes go perfectly! Your BFF is very good at photography, the images and beautifully flattering :) xx

  5. This is such a nice outfit with cool colour tones - so chic for summer! And the photos are awesome. Love.

    P.S. I just realised that we are studying at the same uni! :)