sunny day real estate.

Standing in front of architecturally perfect houses in a silk button up shirt and bodycon skirt made me look an awful lot like a real estate agent. Nope, not a career change. I've determined that I am destined to stay an intern forever. I was opting for a Parisian chic, monochromatic look (April, May are straight from Paree after all) but it ended up looking more 9 - 5 business chic. Hey substitute those heels for loafers, throw on an oversized coat longer than the skirt (to play with layers Columbine Smille style) and a beanie for good measure and you might just be able to turn it back around.

Uppy and I spend most of our time fawning over the houses in this area with their all white exteriors, symmetry and sunroofs, keeping a close watch on any passing cars or neighbours wondering why we were taking photos in front of their houses. Nothing sus. But with the lack of decent locations in reach (I initially intended to shoot at a heritage park/ farm - what on earth was I thinking) it looks like we'll be frequenting this little slice of suburbia more often.

Photos by Uppy Cee


  1. so in love with that shirt! great outfit, the skirts babing too but seriously hope you use that shirt in more posts :)


  2. Love the enitre outfit Mel! Such a babe! x

  3. I just love that skirt, it's gorgeous! love the last photo of you, so pretty x

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I would wear it in a heartbeat - you look fantastic. The houses look really pretty too... x