paradise punch.

Vintage shirt, Ksubi shorts, Benah bag and belt, ATP sandals, Ellery sunglasses. (Photos by April)

Now this is a hawaiian shirt. Plans change last minute and I found myself attending a 90's themed party with no costume. Is it sad that even though I grew up in the decade, followed every bad fashion trend possible (Jelly bracelets, skirts over pants, plastic tattoo chokers), and lived for pop culture - that I couldn't even remember what was quintessential 90's fashion. Enter this incredible vintage hawaiian shirt from Cream on Crown with everyone's favourite summer fruits plastered over the front and back. I didn't even care that it wasn't exactly 90's (Or is it?), it's just that damn cool. Tie a jumper around my waist and you have some semblance of Melrose Place/ 90210 teen fershunz. 

I wore this ensemble to Homebake on Saturday with April, a celebration of home grown music and comedy (loved seeing San Cisco and Ball Park Music) and though it would be somewhat appropriate given our history with hawaiian shirts ie. Mambo/ surfie culture (Do people in Hawaii even wear hawaiian shirts? I am full of questions today) to put a girly spin on the festival look teamed with my favourite denim shorts (I know they are on the verge of denim underpants but I love them so. Should probably stop throwing them into the washing machine though - they fray and therefore seem to get shorter by the week). 

And after months of sitting, waiting, wishing, I finally found the perfect cross body shoulder bag which was a steal from the Benah sample sale. I am also the proud owner of a black leather belt (yes it took me this long). Must stop buying things for myself and start buying Christmas presents for everyone else. Tis the season for giving after all.

Just under a week to go until I draw the winner for the Lioness LBD giveaway x


  1. LOVE that shirt, what a great print x

  2. EURGH I'm so not regretting not going to the Benah sample sale now. I was too lazy to try and find parking in the area. It's amazing!

    x karen

  3. Love the sunnies and the print of your shirt. How fun is that?!