dress up.

As much as I like to tell myself I'm content with slouchy white tees and denim cut offs, I do dream of the day my wardrobe becomes more successful career woman and less uni student working in retail. Where heels or pencil skirts are the norm and not considered dressed up or over adorned. The number of times I've tried on that amazing designer piece (take this Ellery Cinnamon cape top for example) and had to turn it down simply because I had no occasion to wear it - even if that occasion was a 9 to 5 desk job. If only that extreme shoulder detail wouldn't turn heads walking up and down Eastern Avenue.

It's so strange the way life works. You die to get past the HSC so you can have more freedom working part time and studying at uni, but when you finally get there you long for the closed-off, spoon-fed environment of high school. While you work your butt off at uni, all you want to do is get a real job that actually allows you to have weekends off and a stable income. This is me at present but I have been told time and time again from friends and recent graduates that I should be grateful not to have to deal with any real world decisions and I should appreciate what time left I have living at home with my parents and not having to pay for rent. I honestly can't wait to graduate in a year so I might actually be able to fork out a little more money on clothes (ha what a joke you say) and build up that fancy wardrobe (aka everything on Matches) I've always dreamed of. But since I actually have no career direction right now, I'd say being on my three month uni break is a good place to be. 


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