After spending the morning styling a shoot, you'd think I would have picked up a few pointers from the model. But no. The experience seemed to have crushed my own self esteem reducing me to awkward poses reminiscent of the time I first started taking outfit posts (which was coincidentally just over a year ago - looks like I've come full circle). Though we should be commending the talented Christine, photographer and partner in crime who agreed to shoot me after a solid three hours shooting five looks on our model. I couldn't not loan her skills for a quick post.

Following the success of our in studio shoot a few months ago, I decided to team up with Cai and work on a little something something on location at Walsh Bay. I'm ridiculously excited to see the final results  (BTS shots to follow soon) and if all goes well you'll be seeing more collabs between us in the new year. 

I've developed a fondness for shorts of late, the mid waist, tailored, side pockets, printed kind and these Blesse'd Are The Meek shorts fit the brief. The foliage print which remind me of the illustrations in The Hungry Caterpillar, almost hawaiian in nature are right up my alley. Let me just apologise for the crinkled state of my singlet - it's been bugging me like crazy but after alternating between crouching, standing and carting around a handful of garments, you couldn't really expect anything else. 

Photos by Cai


  1. those shorts are so cool! I couldn't figure out what they reminded me of until I read your text - they're exactly like the illustrations in the hungry caterpillar! love the scalloped tank too x

  2. I can't wait to see the BTS shots from your shoot; how exciting! I really like your shorts as well - the colours are just so pretty and the white background keeps the print super fresh x

  3. Mel you look fantastic!
    Those shorts are amazing, they are kind of similar to the illustrations in the Hungry Caterpillar, aren't they?

  4. Loving the shorts Mel. You are a cutie. Merry Christmas!

    Christie x

  5. I love that necklace and your shorts. What a great look!