vertical strokes.

I have a terrible habit of not taking style posts with newly purchased items straight away. I've had this Veda jacket for almost three months now, have worn it about 90% of the time and am only christening it with its first outfit photo now. Talk about poor form. I've seen a few copies of this jacket floating around (most with pleather and khaki but I did see one with just black cotton contrast sleeves) but I am so glad I forked out the extra dollars for this one. The sleeves are so leathery soft and it fits super snug (although I can't lift my arms past my shoulders). You know you've really picked a winner when even your fashion oblivious guy friends tell you how cool your jacket looks - but the look on their faces when I tell them how much I paid is priceless. They'll never understand us girls.

Mid semester break has come and (almost) gone in a flash and as anticipated, I knew at this point I would have little to no work crossed off my ever growing to do list. I'll be spending my weekend (and public holiday) working and trying to cram two week's worth of study and catch-up into three days. Hope your long weekend is tres more enjoyable than mine!

Photos by Aprilia


  1. you look AMAZING! still so jealous of your manning cartell shorts, have had my eye on them for god knows how long. you look incredible in them!

  2. Woo hoo! Maybe I haven't lost my touch with the camera! ;)

    A x

  3. Oh man, your hair is fucking amazing! Seriously, I've been seeing dip dye SO much recently I was getting a bit bored with it, but you've just made me love it again. Your hair is that cool.

    I love your jacket too! And yeah, some boys will just never understand... ;) Good luck with study! x

  4. aargghh I just love your hair! I really want to do this, but I don't think my conservative law firm work will appreciate it! lol

    I've loved this jacket since you first posted about it, love seeing it in an outfit shot! x