cream of the crop.

Zoe Karssen tee (sweatshirt version here), Dion Lee Line II, Superga sneakers, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses.

Yes I have a thing for overgrown hedges. Out of all the beautiful photo ops Elizabeth Bay has to offer, I was drawn to this bit of greenery in front of one of the largest houses I have ever seen overlooking Beare Park (awkwardly enough as we were taking these, the people who lived in the house were backing out of their driveway). I spent a much needed day off from work catching up with my dear friend Aprilia, gawking at all the people sunbathing and picnicking in the park (and yearning for the day when I will actually have two consecutive days off), visiting Gelato Messina and just generally enjoy a taste of what summer has to offer - two months to go!

My silver Supergas haven't left my my feet since I got them last week. Deb and I were looking for comfortable work shoes and getting a little tired of white Converse, we decided to spice things up a bit with the (underrated) Converse of the fashion world. If it's good enough for Alexa Chung, MK & A and the Man Repeller, then it's good enough for me. 

Made it past the half way point of semester and I'm still alive (although building up a huge sleep debt). So glad it's mid semester this week - I can breathe a small sigh of relief although not really because out of the 8 days I have, 2 will be spent interning and 4 will be at work. No rest for the wicked!

Photos by Aprilia Love


  1. Really like the simplicity of this look - perfect for a lazy weekend! Have an enjoyable midsem break!

  2. absolutely stunning skirt, great colour and fit!

    x karen

  3. I love the creme de la creme white tee you have on. Sometime, less really is more! :)

    accidental encounters

  4. gorgeous outfit, I love zoe karssen tees. that's an amazing skirt too x