monday muse: lana del rey.

I can't quite put my finger on what it is about Lana Del Rey that fascinates me so much. It was only a few months ago that I said I couldn't stand her music - it was boring, monotonous, depressing and quite literally made me want to kill myself (thanks to the aptly titled 'Born to Die'). Fast forward to now and I can tell you I've had her album on  repeat for the last few weeks to the point where I force Jack to listen to it against his will - he tells me one of these days he might fall asleep at the wheel because of it.

Perhaps it is because she is so otherworldly, like she came to us from a different era - a time where things were simple and uncomplicated. I love the 50's/ 60's Americana vibe aka self-styled gangster Nancy Sinatra (would love to see her cover Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down) that she embodies in her music, her dress and her persona. Her music videos are equally as intriguing, cinematic and theatrical (pretty sure someone dies in every one). Mysterious, alluring, fragile and ever so elegant, Lana has cemented herself as a fashion icon (not many people can say they've had a bag named after them) as much as she is already a musical one. 


  1. I was exactly the same! I thought she was so boring and I didn't understand what everyone saw in her. But now I love her! It amazes me that such a unique and dark sound can come out of someone so gorgeous & delicate looking as her. xx