monday muse. columbine smille.

Source: Columbine

If you're Elin Kling's right hand woman, you'd be expected to possess impeccable styling and taste for fashion. And of course, much to no one's surprise, Columbine Smille, fashion editor of Kling's Style By ticks all the boxes and more. With her model figure and killer cheekbones, Smille is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion world, adding her name to a long list of stylish Swedes. But seriously what is in their water? Why are they all so darn gorgeous and extremely fashionable? Need me some of that stat!

Smille's got transseasonal dressing down pat, she wears navy like no other and is not afraid to experiment with layers and proportions. Her style is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine and she knows how to make a high street piece look like high fashion. I love the way she takes a fitted dress and really roughs it up with a boyish bomber or how she styles long coats or jackets with shorter skirts (even though she might look like a streaker from behind). Definitely want to channel my inner Columbine during this transition period between winter and spring. 

PS. How freakin' cool is her navy Marni for H&M parka? I am obsessed. 


  1. Never seen someone wear navy so well. I'm such a navy whore, so I take my hat off to one Swedish beauty by the name of Columbine Smille. Plus if you mispronounce her last name, it sounds like smile. That makes me smile. /insert cute face here.

  2. Bloody hell all my brain is capable of thinking is "F-- f-- f-- no one should ever look THAT good"

    Nora Finds

  3. i can't even deal with the amount of stylishness these swedes seem to be blessed with! sweden's been at the very top of my list of countries to visit for as long as i can remember and it makes it that much more appealing the more these babes keep upping the fashion stakes. i can't even pick a favourite out of these, they're all as equally as perfect as the last! x.

  4. Columbine Smille.
    Seriously? How much cooler could you get?
    We're just talking about her name right now. There hasn't been any mention of her amazingness or her style.
    Seriously, her name just makes me smile and want to jump up in the air while scattering glitter and confetti everywhere.
    No, I am not crazy.

    But anyways, now onto her style.
    I bow down to her style and her ability to wear navy like no one else can.
    Those Swedes have got some crazy good style. It really must be something in their water. Someday, when I make it to Sweden (because I will!), I'll definitely be chugging me some of that magic water. Because it is magic of course.

    Man, oh man.
    I'm feeling so insanely inspired right now.
    Time to go wish that Columbine Smille's closet magically appears in my house. Hey, if she wants to tag along, she can feel free to! :)

    Thanks for sharing these photos and making me feel slightly inadequate Mel. Hahaha.
    But at least I've got plenty of inspiration now. Time to go get my adequacy back and also to try my darnedest to look like Collumbine!!

    Have an amazing day sweetie <3