pink hair, don't care.

Secret Squirrel (now Secret South) top, Topshop shorts (similar here), Watson x Watson sandals, Michael Kors watch, Karen Walker rings.

Thank god summer's around the corner because the early sunset was enough to drive me insane. It's been frustrating me for months that I haven't been able to take as many outfit posts and flat lays as I've hoped simply because by the time I make it home it's already pitch black. And if I'm ever back early, I have no photographer because he's still working. I had to seize the opportunity a week ago to steal Uppy after the end of her shift (and a crazy weekend of photography for her) to take these pictures for me at our work carpark. We just managed to catch the last inkling of good lighting for the day.

I know this outfit looks almost identical to one we took together a few months ago, but what can I say? Blush goes really well with this top. And it makes my purchase even more satisfying when I can translate something from a winter collection into a summer wear. And yes, I did do something to my hair, thank you for noticing. I was getting a little bored of my  grown out balayage so I thought I'd shake things up a bit with some colour. I used the BFF recommended Fudge Paintbox to get the temp colour (however it's now faded to this strawberry amber looking thing). I was all set to get my balayage done this week but I am really loving/ embracing the pink hair. The only downside is that shop assistants and campaigners and now have a really good conversation starter.

Photos by Uppy Cee


  1. Gorgeous hair! I did the same thing to mine last year... X

  2. your hair looks awesome, love it!
    those shorts are gorgeous too x


  3. Oh I love that top. And how could one not love blush colors?!

  4. OMG your hair! Too good - I absolutely love how it's a darker shade of pink x

  5. Love these photos and what a perfect look for this weather. Secret south is a fave too so extra win!

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  6. Great outfit! So pretty :)

    Spin Dizzy Fall

  7. Love the shorts, perfect for S/S.