the perfect pair.

Manning Cartell shorts, with Ellery sunglasses and Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Nobody told me 2012 was going to be the year of being united with my 'perfect' items. After the compliment-acquiring Veda Jasper jacket, and the fits-like-a-glove Dion Lee line II blush skirt, I bring you the third in my perfect purchase series, these Manning Cartell shorts from their Pearls & Men collection. 

I did blog about Manning Cartell's spring offerings earlier this year, hoping to nab the matching shorts suit combo for my birthday. As it turns out my birthday weekend was a cold, windy and rainy one (August, go figure) so that wasn't exactly possible given the circumstances - but they are finally in my hands and ready for spring! 

I actually tried them both on together, but it all seemed a bit too matchy matchy for me and felt like one of those you-only-wear-once outfits. But the shorts. The shorts. Where do I begin? The pinnacle of perfection - the cut is incredible with a curved front edge and straight back, the high waist, deep pockets and tweed textured print. I get a little too excited when I find pieces that fit so well. Clothes are designed for a specific body shape and size: tall, skinny and legs that go on for days - that of which I am not, so it's surprising that I've come across not one, not two, but three perfect fit pieces this year. 


  1. Oooohhhhh!!! Chic, classy, timeless, versatile... I LOVE THEM! They ARE perfection! I'm quite jealous now, don't quite have the legs to parade in shorts!! :s

    Nora Finds

  2. these shorts are amazing! can't wait to see them feature in an outfit post x

  3. Ooh these are so pretty! I kind of can't wait to see you in them for an outfit post... x

  4. Oh oh oh, those shorts are gorgeous! I love the cut and colour so much. Such a wardrobe staple piece xx

  5. Oh look at those shorts! I love the texture of them!

  6. Cute shorts! :) I bet they will look really great in an outfit!