on your side.

The other day I found out my best friend was trying to buy these team tees for my birthday (aww, it's the thought that counts) but they've been selling like hotcakes over at Les Plus Dores. Such a simple idea (I wish I had come up with it) and just as simple to execute. Would be an easy project but considering my track record with DIYs, I think I'd rather pay for it. Looking forward to seeing which designer the New York based label decide to immortalise next in a tee. Hoping I can actually get my hands on one soon!

Creative director, Benjamin Fainlight on how the idea came about:
“I wear a t-shirt and jeans most everyday, and as someone who loves fashion I wanted there to be a way to show you’re a fan of a designer the same way people show that they’re fans of an athlete, without needing to spend a ton of money. I think the shirts also imply a general savviness, since not everyone knows Philo means Phoebe Philo…it makes a sort of team mentality.”

Whose side are you on?


  1. shattered that they sold out in a flash.
    def team PHILO! x.