new in.

 Equipment shirt, Antipodium shirt (in black here), J Brand boyfriend jeans (from The Iconic), Apple iPhone 5, Aesop Geranium Leaf body scrub and A Rose By Any Other Name body cleanser.

There's just something so satisfying about acquiring new things, regardless of the fact that you're parting with your hard earned money. Whether it's something as ordinary as a body scrub or as timeless as a silk button up shirt, the feeling never gets old. Putting something on for the first time, wearing it in, making it your own. It's a feeling that only happens once for every item, but boy when it does it's such a special moment, even though no one else can recognise it except you. You feel like you can take on the world.

These are all the bits and pieces I've acquired over the last week (and most recently a Kahlo tank which came after I took this flat lay yesterday). The two shirts (obsessed with building up my shirt collection at the moment) were from birthday gift vouchers (thanks Tim and Sarah), the boyfriend jeans I managed to sneak in with Jack's leather dress shoes he purchased from The Iconic, the Aesop I justify by saying I need it for my dry skin and my iPhone 5... I just had  to have it (well considering where I work, I think it would be wrong of me not to). 


  1. Love the flat lay and particularly love the Aesop.. such a dry skin saviour!

  2. great purchases! I loooove those jeans, can't wait to see them in an outfit post! x

  3. Love the equipment stripes! Hope to see you soon.

    Christie x

  4. Completely agree with this post, there's always something special about getting something new :) xx