world domination.


Unfortunately I was unable to attend the MINKPINK goes global blogger event yesterday, so to make up for it, I'm excited to share a sneak peak of the MINKPINK global advertising campaign which goes live on the 29th. Exciting right? It's like getting to open your birthday present a week before your actual birthday.

I still remember MINKPINK and their early beginnings in Myer back when I was in high school (my first purchase was a floral singlet I wore pretty much every mufti day) - a few years down the track and they've grown to over 1000 stockists (you've seen them everywhere from ASOS to Nasty Gal) ready to take on world domination. It's not easy launching a full scale global campaign, but with a new logo, brand message and new campaign images, MINKPINK retain their vintage inspired, youthful and fresh style, continually producing on-trend pieces at affordable prices, while transforming the MINKPINK girl into one that loves fashion and fun, regardless of where she lives. And I think they've done a darn good job of it!

The MINKPINK message: be brave and be free. There's no doubt these images convey just that. The model exudes such confidence and frivolity. And if you aren't convinced, wait until you see the video to go with the images. I didn't think a $2 shop would provide such a great setting for a photoshoot, let alone a grocers and fabric store. And I think I'll start carrying around a piñata instead of a handbag. Easy access to candy all the time. 

Look out world! MINKPINK are coming. Y'all ready for this? *break out into Sparky Palastri cheerleading routine*