pack and go.

I always have such difficulty packing. I'll start throwing things into my two to three weeks in advance and then when it comes time to zip it up the night before, I find myself with an overflowing suitcase and not being able to decide what to cut.

This is the dilemma I currently find myself in. To make things harder, I'm packing for a summer and winter plus my mother also feels the need to send me home with gifts and food for all my relatives. I know you're probably thinking 'But Mel, you're going on holiday. You'll find of heaps of things to buy,' to which I would reply 'what happens if I don't'? Although I'll always find things to buy so you're probably right. I did equip myself with some new purchases before my trip - one being my white Sass & Bide denim shorts. I don't think denim (especially shorts) is anywhere as good as it is in Australia. No harm in starting your holiday a few days early right?

These are just a few of my essentials that I'm taking halfway across the world. No
French connection hat. Aesop moisturiser. Michael Kors watch. Olympus PEN EP3. Marc Jacobs bag. Hourglass Veil makeup. Cloud Nine flat iron. Clare Vivier Pochette (my passport holder). Sunday Somewhere sunglasses. iPad 2 (to catch up on Parks and Rec and read The Hunger Games). Minnie Mouse ears. Converse. Sass & Bide shorts. iPhone 4 (with Arnsdorf SS11 crystal pattern case). Seventh Wonderland bikini. Acne knit.

I'll be leaving later tonight to Kuala Lumpur - but rest assured I'll be updating you with as much as I can.

PS. If you hadn't noticed in your address bar... Flourished & Sunkissed is now a dot com :) 


  1. Ohhhh you got the S&B ones and not the Ksubi or One Teaspoon!?
    Can't wait to see them on you!
    Have a safe, yet unforgettable trip - eat lots of yummy food for me! xD


  2. ohh have fun mel! wish my 'essentials' included an ipad and an acne item. yay for a dot com site!

  3. I have the same packing issues when I pack - it becomes a full blown operation, with lists & similar & still I take more then I need/want, probably not helped by my tendency to apply 'but what if . . .' to the packing world. Your packing selection I am very jealous of.

    Happy Monday & travels. xxx

    Oh & I have awarded you the versatile blogger award. www/

  4. The shorts look lovely & love the watch
    Have a good holiday!
    Mantenso xx

  5. AHH! jealous, missy!
    have the most exciting and fun-filled time away.
    i would be packing that acne sweater and those sass & bide shorts if i had them too!
    also loving your cute neon passport holder. i've been looking for something for a little while now too.
    ps. totally with you on the relaxed yet stylish pyjama dressing a la maurie & eve. x.

  6. Beautiful picks! Especially I'm loving the color of your Acne sweater!This problem sounds way too familiar to me;)Well, I usually try everything I want to take with me on. See how I can combine pieces and which accessories I take. Then I don't have all those panic attacs during my trips;)