Sportsgirls like Sara Phillips dress | Sophi Odling bag | Tara Lawson jewellery | Jeffrey Campbell wedges

We've heard of statement jewellery, statement tops, statement bottoms, but a statement bag? Usually accessories like bags and shoes are meant to compliment an outfit, not define it. Seeing this bag by Australian accessories designer Sophi Odling, with its soft leather fringing and all, made me want to test this theory. The Willow Bag, as its name suggests, is inspired by the delicate yet hardy nature of the willow tree and although not normally my style, I thought it would be a fitting addition to my simple, minimalistic wardrobe choices. 

I chose to wear it with my grey jersey dress from the Sportsgirls like Sara Phillips collection and some gorgeous delicate pieces from Tara Lawson (the half finger ring is seriously the coolest thing ever). I tried to keep the palette very neutral and let the Willow bag lead the way. It actually comes in black and brown which gives off a more wild wild west vibe so I went for this greyish one and tried to keep it as far away from my cowboy boots as possible. 

I'm currently in hot and humid country of Malaysia visiting relatives, eating cheap and tasty food, celebrating Chinese New Year and keeping cool inside shopping malls. I haven't taken too many photos at this point, but a short photo diary is coming within the next few days! x