on cloud nine.

I was long overdue for a new straightener. Up until a week ago I've been using a cheap VS Sassoon 'You Curl' to do my hair. Unfortunately I got what I paid for - it took forever to heat up and would not even straighten my hair (I swear as soon as I stepped out of the house my hair was wavy at the ends). I always pushed the straightener to the bottom of my 'to buy' list because I knew I could always get it - unlike clothes, once it's gone it's gone. 

Enough was enough. After months of whinging I mustered up the money (thanks to my mother) to buy a new flat iron. The obvious choice was a GHD - until my best friend told me about Cloud 9. Still very much a cult product, Cloud 9 was created by the founders of the GHD. Apparently after GHD became popular and they started mass producing it in China, some of the team jumped shipped to form Cloud 9, which is now considered the preferred high end straightener for salons.

With a bit of help from Sassybella and this educational blog post, I settled on the Cloud 9 (also because I just want to be cool and have what no one else has). Think of Cloud 9 as the PS11 of Proenza Schouler bags (bad analogy?) - bigger and better than its original. It has adjustable temperature - so people with finer hair don't have to singe themselves at GHD's fixed 180 degree temperature, a swivel cord so it can never get tangled even when you curl, black plates which apparently makes your hair shine and it has a plastic heat guard you can pop on it while it's cooling down so you don't burn the house down. 

While I'm still getting used to the fact my hair will only take 5 minutes to do rather than 15 and that curling my hair is now a possibility - I would highly recommend the Cloud 9 (although any straightener would have been better than the one I had). It retails for about the same price at the Gold series GHD ($279AUD) but I bought mine from Beauty Bay for just over $200.


  1. I am so glad you did this post, I have a GHD precious and although I love it to death when the time comes and it breaks, I know what the competition is to choose from.

    Very interesting post to read


  2. haven't heard about cloud 9 untill you posted this. will definitely consider this once the old ghd dies, especially the part about the plastic heat guard *looks at straightener burn on bed sheet*...

  3. i have not heard about cloud 9 before! I have a GHD, but I'm not in love! I feel I can tell the made in china kinda craftsmanship. Use to love it and then fell out of love a little too quickly. If I had known, would have gone with this one! Please let me know how it goes!

  4. We have been using cloud nine products in our hair salon for the past 6 months and think theyre are fab! From the straightners to 'The O' hot rollers to the wand all products give excellent results and we would recommend them to everyone!

  5. Cloud Nine are the best! I have the wand and the its so incredibly easy to curl my hair. My next investment is the straightener when my GHD circa 2005 finally dies.