It seems a little inappropriate to be thinking about beanies in the middle of summer but I couldn't help myself. Living in Australia where our winter is like summer for some European countries we don't get much of an opportunity to rug up. Heading to Japan where it will be around 6 degrees has gotten me looking at some (stylish) winter essentials I wouldn't otherwise think about.

I fell in love with this Alexander Wang beanie a while ago and have been sitting on the fence as whether to get it. However $150 on a beanie is a rather irrational purchase - one I would be picked on for by my guy friends (who feel the need to tell me when they buy a tee and shorts combo for $50 and I spend $150 on shorts only). But it's so hard to say no. I can imagine braving a 'real' winter with this on my head. To top things off I saw none other than the Man Repeller herself sporting it on Instagram (a sign if ever I saw one?).

I feel like in my lifetime, my taste in beanies have evolved as I have grown older. When you're a kid you want those crazy coloured beanies with a pom pom on the top. Then you decide to get those Peruvian beanies with the two flaps on the side for your first school ski trip. When I was 14 I wanted to look like Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown and went searching for the slouchy red beanie (that was clearly more fashionable than practical). And here I am trying to look like a sk8er boi cross Nirvana street grunge girl. Oh how the times are changing.

Tibi, Alexander Wang, Metal #26 Photographer: Emma Tempest, Lust for Life, India Rose


  1. i love beanies , so jealous of the fact you live in oz though haha
    mantenso xx

  2. very nice post! :) also, I sent you a special email, hope you can reply very soon, thanks :)