coast to coast.

Images from Elle

I've always been fascinated with American culture (even before my interest in fashion) - my mum used to say I had American dreams. I used to fanticize about what it would be like to attend high school in America (I tell myself I would have been the cheerleading and student council type) and I still wonder what would have happened if I'd have gone on exchange to the States last year. I have this perception that America is where the action happens, thanks to the mass amounts of American pop culture (lots of The O.C., Laguna Beach and The Hills) I consumed growing up, and I still believe it. I know that if I ever want to make it in PR, I'd have to be in the States to do it. 

To kick off 2012, Free People has teamed up with my favourite model of the moment, Karlie Kloss and Aussie Jesse Hart for their January lookbook. The looks were inspired by the distinct styles of laidback LA and on the go NY. The casting for this shoot was perfect - I couldn't think of better models to embody the LA/ NY lifestyle. Jesse with her tussled blonde locks, who I remember most from her Seafolly days, has that boho beach babe look down pat strolling around Malibu beach and driving down the palm tree lined Sunset Boulevard. Karlie's skinny pin figure so fitting for the gracefulness and uptown chic of the Big Apple. I really love the styling of this shoot - although I've never been to a Free People store (I have been perusing their collections online), I always thought their look was very one dimensional, a modern take on 70's bohemian, but I like that they have some more refined, polished pieces   - that denim dress on Karlie is my favourite.

When I was 15 I went to LA with my family - I had imagined it would be just like The Hills. I was sadly let down as I walked the Hollywood Boulevard and scared out of my wits by a guy in a Chucky costume who pulled out his knife just as I walked past. There was no glitz or glamour, just an ordinary sidewalk with some creepy people in costumes. I did miss out on West Hollywood, so I'm assuming that's where all the celebs and boutiques are hiding. I'm convinced now that I'm an NY girl, (Gossip Girl did that for me), but I suppose I'll have to experience it myself to know... but I'm sure I'll know right away.

Are you uptown NY or downtown LA? x


  1. cute. i too share a little bit of your american dreams.
    ahah i'm always daydreaming about being on the cheerleading squad when watching american teen movies, creating events like marissa in the oc, shopping along hollywood boulevard with my friends, being a major beach bum like lauren conrad in the hills.
    although i do love the lives of the upper east siders in gossip girl. a lot.
    fingers crossed for the PR job in the states in a few years to come! x.

  2. such a cool spread- I've always been a new york girl, it's the most amazing city to live in :) you should come visit for sure!!

  3. So many babes it hurts!
    Those first two looks are especially delicious.