Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo, Acne knit, Acne Pistol Boots

Stuck in front of a computer display with writers block, I decided to re evaluate my current wish list which went a little something like this. I'm still stuck in winter mode even though designers and publications are looking towards the warmer months. See I'm heading to Japan for two weeks in February and it's going to be freezing so I want to be prepared a) for the weather and b) for the photos. Call me superficial, but I do not want to be stuck in a daggy winter coat, have photos taken of me wearing these said daggy clothes and then posted up on Facebook and immortalised in an iPhoto photobook. I would like to travel in style! It's partly because I want to post some personal style pics up here and you can never avoid photos on holiday, but I'm just too lazy to take them on a regular basis.

I have really bad self control. I tell myself I should buy all these winter woolies now so I'll be prepared for the cold. But the logical (and fun) way would be just to save up all my money and then spend it overseas. But what happens if I don't find anything I like? Complete lie I know. And as for the Hillier, the shape makes it the perfect hang on the crook of your elbow bag. Plus seeing a couple of fashion magazine girls has made me want it even more. Possible birthday present to self?

I'll leave you with some ear candy. I'm obsessed with this song (although this style of music isn't really my thing) this is just a whole lot of fun - especially to rap to and dance around in your room in, trust me.

Super Bass | Nicki Minaj

Apologies for the super self centred post. Regular blogging will ensue.