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Stumbled upon Claire Vivier while perusing Capture the Castle this morning and fell in love with her clutches. A short while back I posted about my obsession with clutches and Claire's designs are fall right into that category. The clutches are a halfway point between the affordable American Apparel carry-all's and the unaffordable Celine's. Of course they come in a heap of different colours and the contrasting zip really gives it that finishing touch.  Claire's released a line of foldovers (or as the guys at work call it, 'the pencil case') that are super statement - neon zips and bright pebble texture leather that are perfect for any occasion. I love my AA taupe clutch, it's the perfect little day bag when you're running errands and all you need is your wallet, keys, phone and lipgloss (it surprisingly works with a varsity jacket) or if you're out for drinks or a dinner date. If you're not really a bag girl, this style is definitely the one for you. Simple, easy and very chic.

What really caught my eye were these amazing 'la pouchette' envelope style clutches with a neon stripe. A classic, clean, sophisticated style clutch is brought up to date with this pop of colour right down the middle. Perfect for summer and colour blocking. So tempting.

Go see for yourself!

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  1. How great is Clare Vivier? I'm definitely a huge fan, glad I could convert another haha. Her blog is so good, the pictures are fantastic. I love it when designers have proper blogs that really show the behind the scenes process. Also her style is fab. I love the pochettes with stripe too, they're so fun. I'd love a pink one haha!