Lately I've been going through phases of what I think I need most in my life. For a while it was shoes, then makeup and now denim. Although winter is slowly but surely drawing to a close (what am I saying we still have a month, it must be all the S/S collection drops edging me on) I still feel like my denim supply needs a bit of improving.

Enter sass & bide Lovestate cropped denim who have done their own take on the coloured denim trend. I'm a little conservative when it comes to colours - I like to know that I can wear something for years on end so of course I picked the mustard. I've been looking for a pair of mustard/ camel/ beige jeans but they've all ended up looking like either a) the colour of my skin b) like horse riding jodhpurs because they're too skinny. But I have nothing bad to say about these jeans. They're a little on the slouchy side -the girls at s&b recommended to go a size down (lucky for me though I'm a size 24 so I really have no choice) but they're cropped, which we all know is a godsend for shorter girls.

I love them to death already, they're bright enough to get noticed but also to gain the comment 'for a second there i thought you weren't wearing pants'. Yes I will be wearing denim this summer.

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