1. Mulberry Bayswater
2. Chloe Paraty
3. Balenciaga City
4. Givenchy Nightingale
5. Alexander Wang Emile Tote
6. Chanel 2.55

So at the ripe age of twenty (in under a month) I feel like it's time for me to purchase my very first designer handbag. Right now I'm living off my Longchamp pliage 24/7, it fits my laptop and it's waterproof - the perfect uni/ intern bag. But I need something a little more glamourous and luxurious in my life (people watching the fashion directors and editors at the SW media showings gave me a wake up call). My boyfriend cannot fathom the idea of spending $1000+ on a leather bag, but i say if you're going to keep it in your wardrobe for the rest of your life and possibly pass it on to your daughter then it is probably one of the best investments you will ever make (not entirely true...).

I managed to narrow it down to six (actually five, but six looked better layout wise). I'm actually saving the Chanel bag for next year, my best friend and I plan on buying it for each others' 21st. I'm looking for an everyday carry-all tote that I can hold on the crook of my arm or my shoulder. Most likely in a black/ brown/ grey/ neutral colour so it can work with every outfit. At present I'm favouring the Emile tote and the Bayswater but this is probably due to change constantly up until the time I buy it. I was hoping to get one for my 20th this year, but there's no way I can save up enough money with the hours I'm working. So I've decided wait it out until next year when I go to Japan in February. With a little research Jack and I found out all the labels have their own standalone stores in Tokyo as well as a Barney's department store so I should hopefully be able to try them out while I'm there. This makes me all the more excited for my holiday where apparently a Burberry trench coat must be bought also. Now all that's left to do is save... 

Let me know which one you would choose!

Note: If I had money to throw away, the Hermes Birkin would top my list. Also the Celine shopper was up there, up until Jack told me the handles and the zipper looked like a face, a Furby to be exact (it actually does, it cannot be unseen). So I think if I ever got one, he'd laugh every time he saw it.

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