Chloe Fall 2011 RTW from style.com

Now I'm no makeup guru (in fact I rely on two high school friends and get their recommendations for brands and products etc.) but I couldn't help but post about this trend after seeing it on WhoWhatWear. Last year when I interned at a PR company, I started writing media releases for makeup trends and the first one that I completed was actually about bronze eyes. It went really well and it's probably one of my favourite releases to date, so I dashed out to my nearest MAC store and bought bronze/ copper eyeshadow and paint pot.

I love this trend for two reasons, firstly because it's super easy to pull off and secondly because it's so flattering. I don't see a skin tone or hair colour that it wouldn't suit (it's comforting that Liu Wen looks killer with her copper eyelids). It really brings out your eyes, makes them look bigger and accentuates your brows. It's also perfect for summer - quick and easy for a casual bronzed glow, or add black liner to your top lid and mascara for a heavier night look.

Simple right?

P.S. I am on a high from the Lion release (I love when Apple announce new products or updates, I think it comes with the job). If you have a Mac, go and upgrade from the Mac app store. You won't be disappointed.

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