There's something about a shorts suit. It has this mix of 'hey it's really hot so I'm going to wear shorts' but 'I still want to look stylish and best dressed worthy'. I can't quite figure out it's appeal but whatever it is I'm all for it! Rachel Bilson did it last week on the streets and now Zoe Saldana has taken it to the red carpet and she's rockin' it. I always thought matching jackets and bottoms would be a bit full on but she's broken up the dark army graphic print with a clean white v neck tee. The shorts and jacket would work just as well on their own but I have no objections with them together. It's a really chic casual outfit but the fact the suit is Balmain means I'm a little more serious about this than I look. She's teamed it with some very cool matching Brian Atwood pumps, envelope clutch, minimal jewellery and a messy bun to finish. I love when you see something that goes against what you thought was 'acceptable' in fashion so you have to re evaluate your 'values' (so to speak). As much as I love this look (and it's making me want summer to come around even more!), I don't think I'll be going out and buying a matching shorts suit anytime soon. I'd best leave that to the pros.

Do Ya Like - Childish Gambino

I've been at home sick for the last two days (I've lost my voice in the process) just getting some well deserved R&R before I start my no break semester 2 (3 days uni/ 2 days work/ 2 days interning). Gosh I hate public transport and walking around in the early morning/ late afternoon. I swear that makes your immune system 100 times worse.  

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