Dear Taylor,

What happened to you? You went from cute little Cindy Lou Who to sweet Jenny to part vampire, part hooker, part goth. Puberty must have hit you real hard.

The weirdest part is that this transition happened at the same her character got a bit of a makeover. So did the Jenny Humphrey within bring out the real Taylor Momsen or did she demand that her character change with her because there was no way she was going to act all preppy and Upper East Side?

There are so many things wrong in this picture. Firstly the black lace bra. Secondly the choker. Then the racoon eyes, lipstick and the oversized shirt she looked like she borrowed from her boyfriend's closet the morning after.

I can't figure out whether to call her immature or mature. She's clearly going through a phase where she's taking this hardcore rock chick persona a little too far and she'll look back when she's 21 and think 'wow how embarrassing.' (My most embarrassing teen phase involved black nail polish, eyeliner, Emily the Strange and skinny jeans).  But at the same time she's dressing far beyond her years. 17 year olds do not dress like a hooker.

I'm sure this is all to kickstart her music career. Obviously people weren't going to take her seriously if she's just little J. And through all this I'm wondering where are your parents? Why aren't they stopping you from walking down the street in that let alone walking down the red carpet?

I hope that one day she hits her head and comes to her senses.