Hi my name's Olivia Palermo, I'm a total bitch to Whitney Port on The City, I have a job at Elle you could only dream of but you can't hate me because I have a killer wardrobe and an incredible eye for spotting trends.
Olivia Palermo is the epitome of style. She's always riding the front of the wave, wearing everything that's cool a season before everyone else. Here she's channelling a masculine-inspired look (one which she's known to pull off terribly well) with a silk pussy bow blouse and wide-legged camel pants. I can feel the wide-legged look making a comeback in the not so distant future - one I'm not too keen about because it makes me look terribly shorter than i already am and I can never figure out what shoes to pair it with. But she's sporting the high waist, which I love because it works well in anyone's favour to lengthen the legs.
Olivia pulls this one off with such grace and flare. Loving the brown briefcase clutch also. Very retro 70s work inspired outfit. Gotta say though, her haircut is at that 'awkward length' where it's too short to do anything fancy but too long just to leave it as it is.


  1. oh i like wide-legged pants because you can wear really hgh platform heels underneath and nobody can really tell so you actually end up looking like you have longer legs! Anyway great post, she does have crazily good style!

  2. Thanks for commenting guys, I hope you keep continue to read my blog.
    It means alot that you've taken the time out to do so already :)