Ah Leighton, what in the world? Nine times out of ten you get it right and I love you for it, then you go and pull this one out of the bag and then I start to get a little concerned.
I know that fashion is about taking risks, especially when you're in a position of power to impact the fashion industry, but I wonder if she thought this one through.

It's hard for me to shame this outfit when someone as lovely as Leighton is the one wearing it but I think she took this lace trend a little too far. A lace jumpsuit and lace heels? Not to mention that clutch that looks like a Christmas bauble. And the slip/ hot pants leave a little too much to the imagination, uncomfortable much?

Don't mind me Marchesa but I think this ensemble could have been improved in one of two ways: a) the bottoms could have been less see-through (I keep thinking she's naked from the waist down) or b) the jumpsuit should have been turned into a dress. Let's face it, the top half is absolutely gorgeous. Leighton takes a very risque, revealing piece, couples it with a classy updo, elegant diamond necklace and a killer shade of lippy - it's sexy and sophisticated all in one. I can just imagine it flowing into a full skirt from the waistband to the floor. Wouldn't it be lover-ly?