ways to go.

After debating over whether to keep my new Chanel babies preserved in pristine condition, I bit the bullet, took them out for a spin and haven't taken them off since. All shoes deserve to be worn! I paired them with my standard go-to all black everything look - the failsafe option I throw on when Jack tells me he's picking me up for breakfast and I only have five minutes to get ready. And you know how impatient men get when you keep them waiting, especially when they're hungry. 

My fascination with boho bags continues with this bold fold over clutch from the Luxe Project, a mother/ daughter team who thought to take embroidered fabrics from South East Asian hill tribes, most of which are deconstructed ceremonial garments and baby carriers and turn them into bags, clutches and weekenders where no two pieces are the same. I love this kind of handicraft work that you just can't get in Australia (and to be honest I couldn't find anything like this when I was in Bali). I'm on team neutrals so anything that breathes a bit of life into my looks is always welcome change. Looks like I'm ready for any island getaway. 

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  1. Haha I'm like you - although I really want to wear my new shoes, I also want to make sure they stay immaculate (which they never seem to stay anywhere near when I start wearing them). Anyway, they look great. Love the bag too, adds a nice pop of colour! :)