"Life's short, buy the shoes," replied Aprilia after discussing whether it was worth my hard earned savings to end my year + long search for Chanel espadrilles. It's been near impossible to get my hands (or rather feet) on a pair that actually fit (especially with the inaccurate sizing which is said to have been rectified this season) and in a versatile colour way but as fate would have it, I found myself in a Cinderella/ shoe fits situation where I just couldn't say no. My first Chanel was just as satisfying as I anticipated. I've never been much of a shoe person but my new espadrilles may have just convinced me otherwise.


  1. What an apt comment from Aprilia! I don't think you can ever go wrong with Chanel, especially those amazing espadrilles. Can't wait to see you style them!

    x karen
    the chic & damned

  2. How exciting, and a gorgeous colour to boot! I think I like these more than that classic black/white combo. I've been toying with the idea of a pair but so little time and so many shoes...

  3. I'd say can never go wrong with Chanel ., ^_^ I haven't purchased their espadrilles though ... I might try this because I sooo love the color and it looks like it won't easily be worn out because of those stitch., plus...its only a month and its summer here in the tropics ;)

  4. Is their sizing accurate now? What size do you normally wear and what size in the Chanel espadrilles did you get?

    1. It's definitely better than it was before. I'm normally a 36 in everything else (Acne, Isabel Marant, Nike etc.) and got a 36. It was a little snug when I tried it on but after a few wears it should feel a little more comfortable. Hope that helps!