stand still.

Zimmermann romper, Rag & Bone denim jacket, Chloe boots, Karen Walker sunglasses.

There's really only one word to describe these boots. Badass. I knew I would love them (they are my dream boots after all) but I had no idea the attitude was included. Must have something to do with the intense hardware (that make a jingling noise when you take a step, but all for a good reason). Now I know what it's like to be the kid who was the first to own a shiny new toy, nab that limited edition Pokemon card, come back from Fiji with their hair braided or to sport a Billabong/ Roxy backpack to school. Growing up, my parents were quite frugal so I never had quite the same amount of luxuries most of my other friends had (I wasn't even allowed to buy CDs). One time I asked for a Barbie for Christmas and my parents decided to buy me a Pizza Hut Ken doll instead. This probably explains why twenty or so years later, I've become a serial shopper. I must be compensating for all the spoils I missed out on as a kid. 

I felt absolutely at ease stomping around in my new Chloe's and pairing it with a look that I can safely say is me to a tee - simple, casual and overall practical. I think these images capture the effortless ease and cool that these boots give off. Chloe Susanna's are truly magical.

Photos by Christine Ai


  1. Great photos as always. x

  2. GAHHHHH I couldn't justify the spend but I LOVE THOSE BOOTS. I bought the dodgy $35 kmart version but they aren't very comfy at all. Lesson learnt aha.
    You're a babe btw look at those perfectly rounded calves!!

    x x x Stace