the white shirt.

The satisfaction of finding the perfect something after months and months of scouring in store and online, tracking it down to try on and having it fit exactly the way you envisaged it, is like no other. It is a true accomplishment in its own right to acquire classic wardrobe pieces that are flattering, all quality and well constructed. I can cross off the perfect skinny jean (Acne Skin 5), the perfect denim jacket (Rag & Bone) and at last, the perfect white shirt. 

It treads the line between casual and classy with a loose, relaxed fit, a dropped back hem constructed in a soft but not super sheer cotton. Jac+ Jack are on the money with this shirt one, as with the rest of collection over the last few months. I've purchased three shirts and a pair of pants in the span of three months. I did however have a hard time choosing between three white shirts currently in store and after asking Jack which of the three I should buy, he responded "You know it really shouldn't be hard to pick a white shirt. It's a white shirt."