be mine.

Superga sneakers | Three J NYC pyjamas | By Charlotte necklace

Having sold my soul for two ridiculously-overpriced-but-oh-so-beautiful pairs of shoes, I have put my spending on hold for a good month or two and aptly so. The two lay-bys that need to be paid out, are the exception (credit cards and lay-bys are both the best and worst things ever). So I'm left taking mental notes of future acquisitions in a loosely themed Valentines Day wish list. I've got the pyjamas, necklaces, perfume and lingerie to satisfy the romantic notions of this Hallmark holiday (which I will admit is a nice excuse to receive presents/ flowers/ eat at a fancy restaurant), but for the practical gift giver I've included sneakers, a sweater, a hat and a bag. So Jack you have plenty of options to choose from. No excuses. Kidding. But for all of my single ladies out there, don't forget to treat yo self. You know you're worth it. 


  1. Ohh I love that By Charlotte necklace. Want want want!!
    Also that bra is totally amazeballs. And you are great for indulging in quality items and then holding out! I just buy too much crap :(

    x x Stace

  2. I feel like I should be on a spending ban too - CCs and laybys always make you forget about what you've spent or what you currently owe. Nothing wrong with a little window shopping! That PJ set is the sweetest!