fresh air.

Etre Cecile tank, Rag & Bone shorts, Kate Sylvester Cap, Isabel Marant sneakers.

As someone who lives her life in tees, finding labels that produce a quality, comfy, lasting selection is key. A majority of the times that comes in the form of classic, plain tees - the obvious choices being Acne and Bassike. But sometimes you need a tee to make a statement and speak for itself which is where Etre Cecile come in. There's not a whole lot to know about Etre Cecile because unfortunately the four minds behind the label choose not to disclose their identity. But all for a good reason they say (to preserve the integrity and quality of the collection). They appeared out of thin air late last year with their leopard print + colour block combo, Bad Ass Paris and Woody Allen prints and have since become my brand of choice for printed tees (followed closely by Zoe Karssen). 

They say their t-shirt collective is inspired by the clean French aesthetic which has certainly given rise to its surging popularity in the fashion circles. Let's be honest, we all want a piece of that innate French sense of style in our lives. Not that I could imagine the French wearing tees (preferring their collared button ups), but if they were to ever make the switch then Etre Cecile are right on the money.