Panama hat from J Crew
Strappy sandals from ATP
Playsuit from Zimmermann

What a coincidence that the last three things I bought (well the hat was a birthday present from the BFF) make the perfect summer vacation outfit. Maybe my wardrobe is trying to tell me something? Deb and I have our sights set on Bali in February next year - our aim is to have the perfect Instagram holiday (think plenty of poolside hangs and scenic sights). I can picture myself wearing this with the sand between my toes, soaking up the sunshine. Too bad I have Mount Everest sized pile of assignments to plough through first before I can get planning.

Acquiring shiny new things and blogging is all that's keeping me sane right now. I've noticed that I always seem to divulge in the back stories of my purchases but I find it quite therapeutic to document them (and there's the slightest chance you might even find yourself amused or educated by my rants). It's interesting how an object, a sound, a smell, a touch can trigger even the most of fondest of memories and I hope that somewhere down the track I'll be reminded of how I stumbled upon the perfect strappy sandals after months of searching while looking to buy a white button up shirt or the day I learnt how the panama hat got its name.

Funny story that, I didn't realise there were genuine panama hats just like there are akubra. Workers wore them during the construction of the Panama Canal and it was made popular by President Theodore Roosevelt who donned one when he visited the site. 


  1. I just bought this playsuit too! In love with it, and it's so comfy. Will be wearing it every second day once the weather really warms up!

    1. So that's what your ZImmermann bag instagram photo was!
      Great minds think alike :)
      It's the best, I wore it to my BFF's 21st last night with heels. Can easily wear it with sandals and Converse too x

  2. Awesome pieces! I love the jumpsuit:)

  3. I just love zimmermann playsuits, and this one is gorgeous (it also has the high neck/narrow shoulders you talked about in your last post!)

    love panama hats, I lived in mine when I went to thailand. stylish and practical! x

  4. What a great vacation look! I love the hat!