bunny's day off.

As life would have it, the busiest time for my blog just so happen to coincide with the pointy end of semester. I took a quick (and sugar-filled) detour via the Cirqlate PR showroom before my marketing presentation this morning to preview the new summer collection from Stylestalker. Bunny's Day Off pays homage to 60's pin-up girl Brigitte Bardot and explores the duality behind her intriguing persona - the girl next door charm vs. the sex kitten. Lace panelling and sequins contrasted with tough leather and gunmetal studs in a monochrome base with pops of vibrant colours and subdued pastels. There's a little something for everyone to keep you looking tres chic this summer, from drawstring shorts, skater skirts to day dresses and slogan tees. My standout print had to be the kaleidoscope peach-pink pattern which reminded me of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know music video (and I have consequently dubbed it the Gotye print). Duo, Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic have partnered with friend and photographer Zanita (yes that Zanita) to lens the campaign and it is by far my fav of theirs to date.

Bunny's Day Off is available online right now, so hop to it! *

* Pun intended. 


  1. I love those prints. They're so interesting with the metallic!

  2. oh my gosh that leather vest is divine! in love xx

  3. Omg this looks beautiful - just look at those prints! The white vest has stolen my heart though, I've never really liked vests that much before but THIS. It's so perfect x

  4. yes, that's what the print reminded me of... gotye! i was trying to think of what it was.
    this collection looks really promising. after spotting that white leather vest in a photo the other day i was so curious as to what they would come out with this collection. and it looks incredible. love the bunny inspiration behind it and the cute little ears. want, want, want! x.