sw hunter + gatherer.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of stopping by Claire's Kitchen at le Salon to preview the Samantha Wills Winter 13 collection. It was a rather significant event to me in a few ways: it marked the first showing where I wasn't interning for the team. I haven't actually seen any of this collection so it was all totally new to me and of course was nothing short of amazing. Secondly, it was this time last year that I worked my first SW media event and met some lovely blogger babes that I'm still in touch with today. It was nice to see things from the other side, have no expectation of the collection or the setting and be completely taken aback by the whole experience (even better because Samantha was there in the flesh!). Yes an SW showing is very much an experience, from the venue, to the merchandising, to the food and of course the jewellery. Careful attention is paid to every little detail.

Two collections were launched at the event, Hunter + Gatherer (Winter 13) and SW Fine. Being very minimalistic with my jewellery I was instantly drawn to the dainty delicate bracelets, anklets and necklaces. I had seen this collection in the works during my time at SW so it was quite a satisfying feeling to see it finally come together. This one will be available just in time for the gifting season so it's perfect for all your gal pals (the BFF and I already have matching SW anchor bracelets). The other was Winter 13, centered around the SW muse in Paris, collecting trinkets and ornaments from vintage markets and weekend escapes documenting her free spirited optimism through life's adventures.

I thought I'd try something a little different this time and present the collection to you through video (which worked out well because my photos in the low light failed). I loved putting it together so let me know if you'd like to see more of it in the future!


  1. The video is beautiful! You have a natural talent :)

  2. Great video lovely. Wish I could have made it. The collection looks amazing! Also spot on song choice.

    Christie x

  3. definately great job!
    i'll be dreaming of those turquoise pieces especially. x.

  4. gorgeous video- love the music and the delicate bracelets!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. oh wow, you are skilled :) I love the video and your posts!
    your new bloglovin and gfc fan <3


  6. Love the video Melissa!