it was all yellow.

Top c/o Somedays Lovin/ Cirqlate PR, J Brand denim, Watson x Watson sandals, Ellery sunglasses, Samantha Wills Design Studio customised necklace, Rings by Karen Walker and Jordy by Jordan Askill.

I distinctly remember the three times I've encountered yellow in my wardrobe. The first was in primary school and as my house colour, I was required to wear it every sport day Friday. The second was when I went to a 15th birthday dress as Misty from Pokemon and the last was seeing Gwen Stefani at the beginning of her 'What You Waiting For?' music video wearing a yellow cropped shirt and black headband and wanting to copy that look for myself (funnily enough I've been listening to this song on repeat for the last few days). And this right here would mark the fourth. 

I'm rarely a colour person (and if I am it's pastel or muted so from far away it looks like a neutral) but when I was asked to pick out my favourite piece at the Somedays Lovin showing a few weeks ago, I found myself drawn to this simplistic 'vein' print. What I love about it the most is the neckline, high, just the way I like it (almost like a halter neck), showing a little more of the shoulder and shoulder blade than usual. Is there a proper term for it? Because I just bought a Zimmermann playsuit in the same style that I just can't get enough of. A message to designers: please make more tees and basics in this cut. 

Photos by Aprilia


  1. what a gorgeous top! I think you should wear yellow more often, it suits you :) looks so fresh and crisp with the white jeans too.

    I know what you mean about the style of tops with the higher neck and narrower cut shoulders, I LOVE them and can't get enough x

  2. wow these photos are gorgeous! and i love love love that top!


    ♥ Ellen

  3. Yellow looks lovely on you Mel. Also loving the halter-esque cut.

    Christie x

  4. Love the top!! Looks great on you! Must get my hands on one :)


  5. You look amazing in the top! You're all ready for summer! I love that neckline but not everyone can pull it off, no worries for you though ;)

    x karen

  6. i am in love with this! the colour is so stunning xx

  7. this is without a doubt my favourite post of you! you look beyond gorgeous! you should definitely become a colour person - it suits you!

  8. i love lighter denim for spring. i'm very much looking forward to adding a few new pastels to my wardrobe.
    ps. i love how your blog header changes every so often. if you don't mind, what do you use to create it? i've been looking to update mine for a good year or so now. big love, x.