SW design studio.

"It's like Lego for adults!" - Sophia Phan from Moulin Frock

The SW team have been busy bees preparing for the launch of yet another new initiative (and there's more exciting times ahead in the next few months), letting you run free reign and take full creative control over the design process. This afternoon I was invited back to SWHQ to test run the soon to be launched Design Studio (which has been in the works since my interning days), an online creative space which allows you to customise signature Bohemian Bardot jewellery, from the burnished plating to the luxe summer palette stones, turning something that was originally very Samantha into a piece that is uniquely you. 

Myself and a handful of other bloggers had a blast taking a trip down memory lane to our primary school art and craft days, getting a little glue stuck on our hands, having a minor crisis over what stone combinations to us ('Is this too ice cream-y? Or too matchy-matchy?). Going live in two weeks, this online component is sure to take off and makes the perfect personalised gift for a friend (but you're more than welcome to treat yourself), so get your creative juices flowing and be your own Samantha Wills.


  1. wow that new design studio feature sounds fantastic! and the pictures look gorgeous, what a fantastic space to get the creative vibe going. can't wait to try it out myself!

  2. no way! this looks like a blast. aren't you a lucky duck!
    love the pieces you designed. i think the colours are perfect together and not too ice cream-y at all!
    love the idea behind it. too cute. x.

  3. HAHA! Seriously, I think we need to get together and have a little Blogger Lego sesh.

  4. love these photos! looks like so much fun x