haider ackermann ss13.


She is strong. She is independent. She revels in her femininity but loves nothing more than wearing a pair of ultrasleek tailored pants. She wears boxy, loose jackets but chooses to accentuates her waistline with a bit of belted peplum. She blurs the fine line between masculine and feminine. She indulges in layering, experimenting with luxurious fabrics and silhouettes. She prefers a darker palette but plays with texture and simple graphic prints. She is educated and well-travelled, drawing upon her fascination with the east. She is sexy but understated. She prefers to show a hint of skin, under an unbutton jacket, a sheer top or a draped robe falling off her shoulder. She never deliberately tries to make an entrance, but manages to do so through her effortlessness air and impeccable taste. She pays attention to the smallest of details. She appreciates the finer things. She is the woman I want to be.


  1. I LOVED this collection - but the models walked painfully slow

    1. All for dramatic effect. You could tell some of the models were having a very hard time trying to walk slow.

  2. Ugh, love the mix of draping and tailoring. What a fantastic collection.

  3. one of the highlights from fashion week! i followed your gorgeous blog! do you think you could check out mine & maybe follow or just leave a comment. would love to hear from you! x