short & sweet.

Ksubi singlet and jeans. Museum cardi. Acne boots. Dallas and Carlos necklace. Marc Jacobs bag. Cue bracelet.

I promised myself I would never do short posts. Sometimes I feel like blogs with more pictures than writing are a little dull and don't truly reflect the style, perspective and personality of the blogger - and in the end, isn't that what it's really about? But feeling the pressure (from myself only) to keep my blog updated more regularly and consistently, I might occasionally need to indulge in a quick post or two. Although I've finished classes for the year, I still have an essay and an assignment to write. I spent all of my stuvac organising my photos and formulating post with minimal study - so come Thursday two weeks time expect this place to be where it's at. If only I'd spent this time wisely and studying instead, then I wouldn't be in this position. 

Took some quick snaps just before sunset yesterday (I love daylight savings, I'm always stuck inside during the day so a little extra light makes it seem like I wasn't wasting away) with Jack while waiting for our friends to meet us for dinner. I'm sporting two of my latest purchases - my Dallas and Carlos necklace (more of them coming very soon) and my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, which has not left the crook of my arm for days. Although this isn't a full outfit post, I promise I'll get there eventually so you can actually see my face (but only if you want!). Just need to work up the confidence to feel comfortable with my myself, with my style choices and with my 'modelling'. Baby steps, baby steps.


  1. great choice of brands!
    lol everything thing drool worthy!

    japan was pretty cool!
    and of course i'll give you some good pointers as to where to go!
    which cities are you guys heading to?


  2. tokyo was a bit too much for me for an extended period of time
    lol i'd suggest probably go for about a week or so.

    kyoto is a must go and since you're there you can go to osaka coz it's only half an hour away. there are also a few day trips you can you as well around kyoto which can be really beautiful!

    lol let me know closer to the time!
    ginza is a good place to shop but its all high end brands which is like EXPENSIVE!


  3. Your first outfit post! Congratulations on taking the leap!

    -Laura x

  4. You look gorgeous!! Good job on the outfit post.
    Lovelovelove your wine coloured cardi and that necklace :)


  5. I have this bag too!
    Love your necklace/this entire outfit


  6. your blog is absolutely delightful, and i really love your style! you're an amazing stylist, and totally had fun looking at your posts. you're a great writer! new follower--hope to stay connected with you! jasmine :)